Finding the “Right” Real Estate Agent

The “Dumb Little Man” blog posted a list of Ten Questions to Ask when Choosing a Real Estate Agent, which I found interesting, especially for people selling their homes.  I also think asking the right questions are important when using a real estate agent to assist in the purchase of a home.  What would some good questions be?


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How to Market to Me, The Future Real Estate Consumer

The Future of Real Estate Marketing touched on an article found on CNNMoney, regarding the Real Estate industry’s usage of technology.   Similar to the trends in other industries, Social Marketing is turning out to be essential in generating traffic and leads for these real estate websites.

As a technology-savvy consumer in my mid-twenties,  it is a habit to look online for news and reviews of websites and services. Sites that showcase real estate listings and offer me information that I cannot find anywhere else are favorites, and I’m sure to share them with my friends who also may be in the market now or in the future.    I also appreciate blogs created by people who KNOW the area and want to showcase what’s good there and why I should consider the area for my new home.    

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A Little Background…

So, before I start searching the web for my “dream home”, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 24 year old female and recently I decided that I could make much better use of the money that I am spending on rent every month by buying a home of my own. Besides, the cramped, slightly noisy apartment complex that I am in now does not seem like the ideal place to spend the first couple of years of starting a family etc.

Luckily,  I work with quite a few talented real estate agents on a daily basis. By helping them succeed  I have learned much from them and want to make the best decisions possible when it comes to buying a home.  At the current moment I’ve decided to take my time in choosing an area and the home where I will begin the next phase of my life! 

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Welcome to the House Hunter Gal blog. The main topics that will be covered here are real estate from the buyer’s point of view, architecture, and my personal favorite real estate – related websites.

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